It’s only happy movies for me

I was feeling a bit off last night so I curled up on the couch with the dog and watched Love and Other Drugs while eating my body weight in ice cream. I really liked it but I’ve decided that I’m not watching any more movies that make me want to cry. There are enough real life things around me that already make me want to cry so I don’t really need film augmenting this. In fact, I’m on medication to lessen this.

I’m also over movies that make me feel anxious, like 127 hours. Obviously an incredible story of heroism, and I appreciate the cinematography and whatever other artsy stuff, but was anyone else just thinking the entire time, ‘is he going to do it now? how ’bout now? now?’

Are there people out there that like to voluntarily feel sad and anxious? If yes, please step forward and perhaps you and I could find a way to switch bodies. Should our story be made into a movie, however, I’m going to insist it be a comedy.

I’m henceforth limiting myself to watching my top five, all-time, desert island movies:

1. Bridget Jones

Just the first one though, not the sequel (though her dancing in her bra to Madonna in a Thai prison is truly exemplary of the triumph of the human spirit). Colin Firth makes you want to settle for nothing-less than an Englishman and her running in her leopard print underwear in the final scene is not only intense drama but makes me feel a little more comfortable about my own ass should I ever decide to run down our street half naked.

2. Dirty Dancing

I dare you not to cheer when Johnny says “no one puts baby in the corner.” I dare you. I don’t think my university roommates and I ever took this out of the VCR. How much did I just date myself?

3. About a Boy

Like Bridget, this is an amazing movie adaptation of a book. The profound moment when Rachel Weisz tells him that the first time she met him, she thought “he was a bit blank,” always gives me shivers and causes me massive introspection to determine if I am blank too. I can’t think of anything worse. More importantly, Hugh Grant as Will isn’t just sexy, but super sexy. Don’t even get me started on how he looks strumming that guitar at the end. The answer is yes, I’m a serious Anglophile.

4. High Fidelity

I adore this movie and not just because it has an amazingly eclectic soundtrack or because it features Denise from the Cosby Show. It’s an amazing, down-to-earth story of heartbreak, thirty-something mid-life crisis and the illusive nature of romance. Oh, and none of the characters have Parkinsons.

5. Clueless

Honestly, I don’t feel like I even need to explain this one. Her outfits are amazing and I have some unfortunate skirts in my closet that I know I bought to try and look like her. It turns out, I don’t have Alicia Silverstone’s legs. In any case, this movie is a brilliant parallel to Jane Austen’s Emma and an amazing modernization of a classic. Not like that horrible Romeo and Juliette with Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes which was not at all interesting and but simply different for the sake of being different.

I’m going to be limiting myself to just these movies from now on. Does anyone have any other suggestions for movies wherein nobody cuts off their arm that I can add to this rotation? Thanks in advance for giving me a hand!